The Historic Centre of Rome

Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps.

A beautiful walk in the historic center to discover the landmarks of the city, the most beautiful squares and fountains in the world. A path that shows the perfect balance between ancient and modern Rome, with its alleys, craft shops and street performers. There is no entry fee. For reservations click here

Papal Rome

St.Peter's and Castel Sant'Angelo.

The history of the Roman Church is revealed in the magnificence of the Basilica and its newly restored Square, retracing the steps of great artists such as Michelangelo and Bernini. The tour ends with a visit to the Mausoleum of Emperor Hadrian, who later became a fortified castle and papal residence: you will have the opportunity to admire its enchanting frescoes and a beautiful view of the city from its highest terrace Admission fee. Free for schools. Earphones required (€ 1.50) For reservations click here

Ancient Rome

Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

A journey of 2000 years in the past to discover the origins of an empire.

You will walk in the heart of Imperial Rome with the possibility of visiting its symbol monument from the inside, where every stone still tells the stories of cruel battles and epic duels.

Admission fee. Free for schools.

Reservations required for groups of over 14 participants.

For reservations click here.

The Vatican Museums

The most beautiful journey to discover the art!

This museum is very huge, so we advise you to choose between two thematic routes: the "Ancient Route”, which includes the Egyptian Museum and the Pio-Clementino Museum, or the "Renaissance Route" that will take you to the Pinacotheque and Raphael Rooms. At the end of both paths is scheduled a visit to the Sistine Chapel, one of the most powerful symbols of the Renaissance art, that was born from the meeting of a Pope with a Florentine sculptor. Admission fee. Reduced for schools. Earphones required (€ 1.50) For reservations click here

The Early Christian Rome

The Basilica of Saint Mary Major and the two Basilicas of Esquiline Hill.

You will be enchanted by the churches that mark the early stages of Christian Art, and especially by the wonderful apse mosaics of St. Pudentiana and St. Praxedes.

The latter also hosts the only example of Byzantine art in Rome: the Saint Zeno Chapel.

There is no entry fee.

For reservations click here.

Saint Paul’s Places

St. Paul Outside the Walls and St. Paul at the Three Fountains.

A short distance from the city center lies the only Cistercian Abbey in Rome.

This peaceful oasis is popular among Romans and tourists especially for the Trappist Monks' chocolate.

Next to the abbey, the places where the Apostle to the Gentiles was imprisoned and killed are still revered.

The last stage of the tour is the nearby Basilica of St. Paul, the place of its burial.

There is no entry fee.

For reservations click here.

The Renaissance’s Residences

Villa Farnesina.

A XVI century residence realized by Pope Julius II's banker and painted by the young Raphael and his helpers and disciples.

The self-celebration of the rich owner is revealed in every room.

The most popular is the lodge depicting the classical and secular myths of Cupid and Psyche, in which nature and mythology blend to perfection.

Admission fee.

Reduced for Schools.

For reservations click here.

Baroque Rome

Bernini, Borromini and Caravaggio.

A walk in the center of Rome looking for the masterpieces of the three great artists of the XVII century.

From the Fountain of the Four Rivers to Saint Yves at La Sapienza and the Church of St. Louis of the French: an artistic voyage in which sculpture, architecture and painting reveal the face of the seventeenth-century Rome.

There is no entry fee.

For reservations click here.

The Etruscans

The Necropolis of Cerveteri and the Etruscan Museum.

In the heart of the Mediterranean Macchia, a few steps from the sea, a rare place where dozens of burial sites are accessible to visitors, complete with multimedia reconstructions and beautiful walking trails.

You will see the wonderful Tomb of the Reliefs, the only example of polychrome stucco decorations.

The Necropolis is a World Heritage Site.

Admission fee.

Free for schools.

For reservations click here

A Roman town: Ostia Antica

An urban settlement dating back to the imperial age in which you can admire the ancient Domus, the theater, the baths, the "Tabernae" and beautiful figurative mosaics.

Admission fee. Free for schools.

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