Art Workshops

Being able to create a true fresco with the same tools and pigments used by Michelangelo is a new and fascinating adventure that everyone can experience!

After visiting the Sistine Chapel, or maybe during your stay in Rome, we offer you the opportunity to make an extraordinary journey through time becoming a painter of the ancient Rome, or maybe a famous artist of the Renaissance. Our teachers will show you the ancient pigments and will explain the techniques that you’ll need to paint on the still wet plaster. You can also create small mosaics with your own hands, using polychrome marble and glass tiles to bring home a unique souvenir created with the same decorative motifs of two thousand years ago. Our laboratories (about 2/3 hours long) are held in beautiful, cozy locations and archaeological sites in the historic center of Rome. They are open to everyone: small and large groups, families with children, professional painters or amateurs. If you are interested, you can also participate in intensive, longer and more in-depth workshops. Groups that are interested only in observing and interacting with the materials and techniques may witness the creation of a masterpiece by our artists and teachers. Contact us to book a short demonstration in one of our venues located in  the historic center of Rome.

Prices from € 45 per person

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